Game Changing Nights Out.

Find the most unique bars, restaurants and events throughout your city. Even better - when you find your perfect spot, earn loyalty points and redeem exclusive rewards at the venues that you love.

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Game Changing How?


Discover unique bars, restaurants & experiences


Book your places so that you don't miss out


Earn loyalty points at your favourite places


Redeem exclusive loyalty offers at those places

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We hand-select only the most unique bars and restaurants for Ping Culture. Use our vibes and category filters to find exactly what you're in the mood for or use our specialised guides for what we consider the best of the best.


Rather than only letting you book venues that are using our booking system, we have integrated ALL of the major booking providers into one place.

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Points that can be earnt in-app


By connecting your bank card safely & securely to Ping Culture, you can earn loyalty points simply by spending money at your favourite venues. Finally a multi-business loyalty card system in one place!


Save up your loyalty points through your visits to claim venue-specific offers and redeem them in-house. The more points you have, the sweeter the offers. Simple.

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The New Way To Go Out

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Let's Go

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