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Flower 🌼 Burger

Last updated: 25/02/2022

Did someone say Plant based heaven?

Hiding in Fitzrovia is the vibrant and healthy Flower Burger, which really set the standard high for plant based food, from delicious and colorful burgers to green edamame sides, and a matching interior. As you enter into this realm of all things bright and beautiful, your eyes will become glued on the walls and the art that is displayed on them, almost giving a cartoonish feel, this place is unlike no other!

To all the meat lovers out there, do not be scared to try a plant burger! This spot is for everyone, whether you're vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or a full on meat eater, your tastebuds will be thanking you for the trip!

Tantelize those tastebuds 😋

Now the food here is truly something that you will want to keep eating, firstly your eyes will be glued to the various colours on your plate, from green and yellow to purple and pink, even your kids might want to eat their vegetables! 

Keep it fresh with the delicious green “Jungle Burger” with an oat and red bean patty served with tangy BBQ sauce, or keep it classic with the yellow “Classic Chickpea” made of a chickpea patty and served with a flower mayo 😍 Now the special burger is where it’s at, the “Cherry Bomb” which won the award for most Instagrammable and most craved burger off the menu. I can in fact confirm this.. With its hot pink bun and lentil and basmati rice patty served with rocktail sauce, after tasting this you will be running back!

For those of you who need sides with your burgers, Flower Burger sure has some great ones, from salted and healthy edamame, to some Patatas Buenas, which are wedges covered in delicious sauces. With a burger so decadent and colourful, the sides cannot be the star of the show, yet they compliment the burgers so well, truly a perfect match!

Health is Wealth 🤑

2022 is the year to focus on your health, sometimes it’s nice to put the steak or wings down and grab a plant based burger. There's no better place than this, with such a filling, meaty and tasty burger, that is 100% GUARANTEED delicious!

So make your way to Flower Burger and enjoy the nutritious feast that is served here 🍽️