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Boom Battle Bar - Wandsworth

Are you in need of an adventurous night out? Do you secretly harbour a competitive streak? The Boom Battle Bar may be just the avenue to stoke that inner daring and unleash your competitive edge

Last updated: 29/03/2022

It's all in the name

Boom Battle Bar. Now say it aloud. Reading it is striking – saying it though, a tiny bit thrilling. The alliteration excites the tongue, the hyperbolic war reference conjures to mind somewhere bursting with passionate life, and somewhere you’ll probably never forget. The actual experience I can assure you does not disappoint and lives up to the thrill.

<h2>It's all in the name</h2>

This is what you came for

The main attraction should be considered their flagship game of Axe throwing. Bavarian Axe throwing specifically. This is because this is the game which the Bar is most proud of and for which they duly import wood from Austria to ensure the experience is just right.

Besides that, the establishment is also boastful of their all-encompassing ‘Crazy Golf’ course, incomparable to any you may have seen before. Similarly, their highly popular and recommended ‘Augmented Reality Darts’ has multiple different game models that promises to entertain up to a dozen players.

<h2>This is what you came for</h2>


When you’re not enthralled in games and working up a sweat, you could be replenishing yourself, with a menu offering street food dishes alongside a range of cocktails and craft beers. With a spotlessly clean bar area, it is but a small example of a well maintained, brilliantly and gleefully run venue - shout out to manager Kris who remains accessible all evening! 


A place for all

Always on top of things and catering to everyone: celebrating somebody’s birthday at the Bar is an option encouraged with one such instance leaving the birthday girl chuffed with her VIP treatment and expressing her eagerness to return. 

Children are also well looked after. However you unabashed adrenaline junkies need fret not because this place becomes an over 18s only party after 7pm.

<h2>A place for all</h2>

Plan ahead of time

The amenities that this wondrously conceived venue has to offer are in such high demand that in order to secure your place to partake in any activity, you’ll need to make a deposit beforehand.  And this busy business means these activities are strictly time monitored, but no matter, no good thing lasts forever.

<h2>Plan ahead of time</h2>

Our Tips


First experiences aplenty means there’s always excitement, enthusiasm and buzz in the air

Great for

Established friendship groups (you’re handling axes for Pete’s sake!)


Rather steep for the axe throwing! Reasonable for everything else