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Fun Night Out in Fitzrovia - Exploring the Trending Alcohol-free Venues

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Last updated: 12/01/2023

Fitzrovia is one of the coolest London areas, and it's no wonder that there are tons of great alcohol-free fun venues popping up. Whether you want to go out for a night of dancing, a few rounds of bumper cars, or just a night of relaxing, Fitzrovia has something for everyone. With so many new bars, cafes and other fun facilities, you can easily find an evening of entertainment without alcohol. From cabaret to food and drink tastings, there's sure to be something to suit your taste. If you're looking to try something a bit different, why not take your friends to an escape room? Most outlets provide an entertaining challenge even without yearning for a pint. There are also numerous vegan restaurants, quirky music venues, immersive theatre performances and outdoor activities such as mini-golf and zip lining! And for the gamers amongst us, there's the ever-growing trend of virtual reality arcades. When it comes to alcohol-free fun in Fitzrovia, it certainly does not disappoint. Enjoy the freedom of a night out, without the cocktail umbrellas. These great alcohol-free venues will offer you and your friends a night of entertainment to remember. Explore the list of our top picks below and have a night of quality non-alcoholic fun in Fitzrovia!
BookableChameleon London
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Chameleon London

Chameleon London's vibrant Fitzrovia spot is ideal for non-alcoholic fun. Their creative decor and cosy atmosphere offers a great time for all ages. Without booze on offer, the focus is entirely on activity and enjoyment. From family-friendly boardgames to lively entertaining staff, the night promises an enjoyable, memorable experience. A range of bar-food, mocktails and soft drinks make the perfect accompaniment for a night out without alcohol.

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BookableSixes Cricket Club - Fitzrovia
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Sixes Cricket Club - Fitzrovia

Experience the thrill of cricket at Sixes Cricket Club - Fitzrovia in Fitzrovia London. This premier establishment offers a fun, alcohol-free atmosphere for everyone. Enjoy a competitive game, learn about the sport and have an afternoon of laughter and camaraderie. Whether solo or with friends, a visit to this outdoor grounds is unforgettable. Visitors can have a thrilling time participating in a high-energy team game or just enjoy watching. With its vibrant social scene and modern amenities, Sixes Cricket Club is a great place to indulge in a unique, alcohol-free leisure experience.

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