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Ping Presents: Are You The One's, Nathan Grant

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Last updated: 05/02/2023

North London to Gran Canaria

<h2>North London to Gran Canaria</h2>

Who Is Nathan?

Nathan, born in North London, England with roots from St Vincent and Jamaica, was raised by a family that instilled in him the importance of following his dreams without hesitation.

Nathan's uniqueness has often attracted criticism and doubt, as his thoughts and ideas challenge the norm and spark innovation. Despite taking several wrong turns in his journey to finding purpose, he realised that his financial comfort was not enough. In his late 20s, he shifted his focus from making quick money to working towards a vision that would bring him complete freedom. He sought a hustle that would keep him engaged, driven by his unwavering self-belief and an aura that opened doors and welcomed him into any environment.

<h2>Who Is Nathan?</h2>

Career So Far

Nathan is a successful entrepreneur who has recently achieved many of his goals in his various businesses. In May 2022, his house music brand La fiesta sold a record number of tickets for a 15 hour party, which was a major milestone for the brand. He then went on to secure an international business deal for his sex toy venture, Moana Lisa, which is expected to significantly boost the brand's growth. Finally, his latest startup has received samples, and he is confident in his ability to create successful brands.

Nathan attributes part of his success to his high level of personal magnetism, which he believes is a result of his high sex drive. This energy, according to Napoleon Hill, can be cultivated and used to advantage in personal and professional relationships. 

“Personal magnetism is nothing more nor less than sex energy. Individuals with high sex drives always have a plentiful supply of personal magnetism. Through cultivation and understanding, this vital force may be drawn upon and used to great advantage in relationships with other people.” (Napoleon Hill)

He is a well-liked figure, who has been popular with women even before his success in the entertainment industry.

In his own words: "I had always been a popular figure amongst the women and that’s me down playing it, in case my mother reads this. "

<h2>Career So Far</h2>

Why 'Are You The One'?

"the answer is simple for me, I saw it as a new challenge that I couldn’t turn down and the benefit of potential finding the one as an added bonus." - Strong words from the man from North London.

Nathan has always been one to take on a new challenge, and that's exactly what he did when he decided to start writing a book in May 2022. Despite the potential criticism that he may be perceived as arrogant, Nathan is writing this book for a unique audience - those who believe they are destined for greatness and want to document their journey. He draws inspiration from the likes of Kanye West, who filmed his journey to success long before he achieved it, and eventually sold his documentary to Netflix for $30 million. With his unwavering belief in his abilities and his understanding of the power of documenting one's journey, Nathan is confident that his book will be a bestseller and a great story for future interviews.

Nathan told us: "Let’s go back to May 2022 and I’ve decided to start writing this book, that is yet to have a title. If you truly believe you are destined for greatness and achieving your purpose. Ask yourself why would you not document the early stages of your journey, most would call this arrogant however the people who I am writing this book for, aren’t trying to be like most. Kanye West started to film his journey from years before he was successful as he had a belief and the mindset to know that he was going to achieve his dreams no matter what obstacles came his way. They went on to sell the documentary about his journey to Netflix for roughly $30 million, so when this book becomes a number one seller, it will make a cool story for an interview. 

 The Marathon - Journey to your destination..

We love it!

<h2>Why 'Are You The One'?</h2>

Nathan's Picks!

Nathan has been blessed with the opportunity to indulge in the finest dining experiences around the world. From the delectable cuisine at Funky Geisha in Tulum, Mexico, to the scrumptious beach BBQ at Royalton White Sands in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Nathan's palate is always tantalized. When it comes to enjoyment, Nathan is no stranger to the good life. Whether it's grooving to the beats of big afro house DJs at Blue Marlin Ibiza or experiencing something new with Tinovcc, Nathan knows how to have a good time.

<h2>Nathan's Picks!</h2>