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Where To Sober Up! A Guide to Alcohol-free Fun in London Bridge

Article authored by Oliver


Last updated: 12/01/2023

Are you and your friends looking for a night out in London Bridge, London? You want to have fun, but don’t want to include alcohol in the equation? Don’t worry, there are plenty of alcohol-free fun venues in this area of London to choose from. With so many venues that promise entertainment without the need for alcohol, there’s an abundance of choices on offer. For those who prefer an active night out, there are bowling alleys, ice rinks and sport arenas where you can play a friendly game of darts or pool. Or, if you’d prefer a tranquil night out, why not head to the London Aquarium or pop into one of the art galleries or cinemas located in the area. No matter what kind of experience you’re looking for, there is sure to be something suitable to suit everyone. Shopping is also possible without being exposed to temptation. Whether it’s browsing the well-stocked International Markets or opting for some retail therapy in the Shopping Centres, there’s never a dull moment in London Bridge. So, whether you are looking for an adrenalin filled adventure or an escape from reality, there’s an array of non-alcohol related activities to keep you entertained in London Bridge. To help you narrow down your options even further, I’ve compiled a list of the best alcohol-free fun venues the area has to offer. Keep reading to find out my top picks for this subject!
BookableThe View from The Shard
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The View from The Shard

At The View from The Shard in London Bridge, a breathtaking experience awaits. Magnificent sights, spectacular views of the city and lots of memories await. A great way to soak up London without any alcohol. An unforgettable experience to create memories which will last a lifetime! Activities for all ages, plenty to explore and enjoy. Capture the moment with a sunset selfie or take in inspiring displays of art. Delicious cuisine to top off the afternoon and fun for everyone! Make it a day to remember on top of the world.

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BookableElectric Shuffle London Bridge
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Electric Shuffle London Bridge

Electric Shuffle London Bridge is a lively entertainment experience with something for everyone! You can dance the night away and enjoy food, music and games all in a safe, alcohol-free atmosphere. A great night out, socializing in fun games and activities which being able to chat with friends, totally alcohol-free. There's a brilliant vibe and the staff are friendly and super helpful. I highly recommend it for those seeking an entertaining evening without the worry of drunkenness.

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BookableOne Night Records
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One Night Records

One Night Records offers an awesome alternative night spot in London Bridge. It's perfect for a night out with friends, full of good vibes and great music. Music aficionados can reach their tunes fix here, and there's no booze involved. Instead, sip on tasty mocktails and enjoy the alcohol-free environment. The atmosphere is laid back and generally chilled, and there's always something new and creative being showcased. It's one of the best spots in London for enjoying a laid back night out without the pressure to drink.

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Arcade Monkeyz
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Arcade Monkeyz

At Arcade Monkeyz London Bridge, party-goers can have a blast without any booze! With a lineup of the latest video games, carnival arcades and pool tables all under one roof, there's something for everyone. Enjoy a unique night out of laughter, fun and even a bit of competition! With good music, delicious food and ice-cold (alcohol-free) drinks, it's the perfect way to switch up your routine and have an amazing night out.

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BookableCOCO RESTAURANT Grill & Lounge
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COCO RESTAURANT Grill & Lounge in London Bridge London is full of surprises. I recently discovered their fantastic selection of alcohol-free drinks! Choose from imaginative mocktails, of which the 'Virgin Skyline' was a real hit. For eats try their delicious Mediterranean-style snacks. Perfect for a fun night out with friends without the boozy buzz. There's also a cozy atmosphere, friendly service and excellent music to enjoy! What a great way to socialize and make wonderful memories!

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