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Cutting-edge spots in London

Last updated: 12/11/2021

From mechanical mixologists to the most futuristic of places, Ping has found you cutting edge venues in London, step into a parallel universe and experience the most mind blowing activities, from virtual reality escape rooms to immersive rollercoasters taking you on a journey you will never forget. 

BookableOTHERWORLD Victoria
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IT'S SO MUCH MORE THAN A VIRTUAL REALITY ARCADE... Departing from the Nova Building in Victoria you and your friends will be transported to the OTHERWORLD: a virtual island paradise. ‍ Our Immersion Pod™ Technology features Wind, Heat & Rumble so you body will feel everything as your mind explores. Scattered across the island you'll find the world's best virtual reality games & experiences, just ...

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BookableElectric Shuffle London Bridge
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Electric Shuffle London Bridge

We've taken a lightning rod to the traditional game of shuffleboard, adding delicious food and drink, in a breathtaking venue that's waiting to be discovered. Puck by glorious puck, our engineers of fun will ensure every element of your visit is taken care of, forging a social experience you'll never forget.

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BookableclueQuest - Escape Room London
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clueQuest - Escape Room London

clueQuest is a 60 Minute challenge for the puzzle-loving, mystery-solving superspy in you. You and your team will be locked in a room that will put your logic & your friendship to the test! Teams of 3-5 players can pick between three available missions: ‘PLAN52’, which is Mr Q’s secret office, ‘Operation BlackSheep’ which unfolds in the lair of Mr Q’s arch-enemy: the evil mad scientist, Professor ...

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BookableDNA VR - Camden
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DNA VR - Camden

Ready to level up your gaming experiences? Immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge technology and thrilling experiences at London's leading Virtual Reality Arcade, DNA VR! At DNA VR, you'll have access to the best games and experiences virtual reality has to offer. From heart-pumping action games, to peaceful escapes into nature, there's truly something for everyone to enjoy! Physical walls d...

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UK's first free-roam VR and bar experience

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Hyper Reality
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Hyper Reality

NO GUTS, NO GLORY. NO LEGEND, NO STORY. Welcome to Hyper Reality – London’s Premier Virtual Reality Venue & Cyberpunk Cocktail/Mocktail Bar Time Out ~ what do you get if you cross ‘Black Mirror’ – style tech with retro arcade games and add a lil’ pinch of cyberpunk? Hyper Reality! We do things differently here at Hyper Reality. We make our own unique cocktails, we offer exclusive VR experienc...

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BookablePitch London
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Pitch London

Pitch is a new indoor golf studio on Bishopsgate in The City of London. Using GC2-HMT for clubhead and ball data, FSX and Swing Catalyst dual video camera software we give the complete golf approach.

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BookableMr Fogg's Society of Exploration
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Mr Fogg's Society of Exploration

The famous British adventurer, Phileas J. Fogg, opens the doors to his eccentric Mayfair residence every evening. Enjoy an intimate soirée in the drawing room and sip on delicious libations in Hendrick’s Botanical Garden. On Saturdays and Sundays, indulge in a delightful afternoon of Tipsy Tea;

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