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Electric Gamebox - Southbank

Last updated: 01/10/2021

Otherworldly Games and Exhilarating Activities

Are you ready to escape to a futuristic planet, or work together to rescue the royal family? Break through the limits of your imagination and build teamwork whilst smashing Social Challenges and Arcade Battles with friends and family! From CIA agent training games, mining 'Elonium' on Mars to Alien aptitude tests in the 80s, Electric Gamebox offers the best interactive group sessions for that unforgettable first date night or family outing. 

<h2>Otherworldly Games and Exhilarating Activities</h2>

Cutting-edge entertainment

Referred to by some as a cross between an escape room and VR, this is a unique experience that the founders promise will 'make screen time social again'. Instead of the usual personal VR headset, Electric Gamebox requires users to wear a head visor, freeing up their vision and allowing people to be transported to another world together with their family. Touch screens, surround sound, motion tracking and projection mapping all work together to create the most up-to-date immersive experience for the group.

<h2>Cutting-edge entertainment</h2>

Flexible Sessions and Prices

With the wide choice of 15, 30 and 60-minute sessions, reduced children's tickets and peak and off-peak prices, even the most frugal can enjoy one of the most exciting activities London has to offer, with personal wall-to-floor Gameboxes that are sanitised between each session. In addition to the fully equipped facilities and toilets the venue has to offer, Electric Gamebox is only a short walk from Southwark station, and surrounded with incredible food and drink options at the heart of London's Bankside.

<h2>Flexible Sessions and Prices</h2>