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Alcohol-Free London Nightlife: Top Picks for Fun & Enjoyment Without the Hangover

Article authored by Oliver


Last updated: 12/01/2023

The London nightlife has something for everyone - even those who want to stay away from the booze. Despite calls for the night economy to be more alcohol-centric, there's a thriving community of alcohol-free venues that still offers an enjoyable night out. Londoners are embracing these kinds of outings, where the focus is more on having a great time without the hangover in the morning. From cocktail tasting to late-night events, there is no shortage of places to have a great time without alcohol. It is becoming increasingly popular for people to choose one or two alcohol-free days a week. Plus, taking part in lots of activities to occupy your time makes it easier to stay away from the drinks. London is such a vibrant city, with a diverse range of alcohol-free venues. Regardless of your tastes or interests, there is something for everyone. You don't need to worry about peer pressure to drink or being out of place in a bar full of drinkers. For those that want to remain alcohol-free, there are plenty of options to explore. So if you are looking to make the most of London's nightlife without being tempted by an alcoholic beverage, then start exploring the options of going out alcohol-free. From vegan restaurants to film festivals, this great city has something for everyone to enjoy. Ready to experience the great nightlife London has to offer without the alcohol? Read on below to find the expert's top picks for alcohol-free fun in London.
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Enjoyed an awesome night out at Fairgame London, such a fun place to hang out with friends and have a great time without having to worry about booze. There’s lots to do; from arcade games, pool, beer pong and plenty of other activities. We were all having a blast, couldn’t help but sing the tunes they were playing and the staff were really friendly. Highly recommend, had a great time and can’t wait to come back.

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BookableTOCA Social Greenwich
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TOCA Social Greenwich

Had an amazing time at TOCA Social Greenwich, where everyone got to experience a great night out without the need for alcohol. The upbeat atmosphere, music and drinks of course were all fab! Some of the highlights for me were playing table tennis and taking snaps of the quirky grafitti walls. Great fun for friends, families and couples - highly recommended!

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BookableSixes Social Cricket (Shepherd's Bush)
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Sixes Social Cricket (Shepherd's Bush)

I popped by Sixes Social Cricket the other day in London to have some alcohol-free fun. It was amazing, with cosy vibes, awesome music, friendly atmosphere and entertaining games. Laughed a lot playing some cricket and deck games. Had a great time without having to drink anything! Such a fresh alternative to the noisy pubs and traditional cricket. Highly recommend anyone looking for a unique and relaxed day out.

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BookablePlayers Social
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Players Social

I recently ventured to the Players Social. At this hip Shoreditch bar I enjoyed a night of lively and exuberance, without having to resort to booze. Instead, there was a fabulous variety of mocktails and smoothies to delight in! In the vibrant atmosphere, I chatted with friends, amused myself with games, and even danced to some banging tunes. The night was definitely full of enjoyment and entertainment - I'm definitely keen to return next time!

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BookableF1 Arcade
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F1 Arcade

I had a blast at F1 Arcade in City of London. With a variety of activities and games, it was an excellent way to pass an evening without alcohol. Some friends and I took part in a few rounds of air hockey, there was also a race track where we zoomed around and had a few races. We played a few rounds of cards and subsequently I was the ‘winner’ several times. My friends and I loved the non-alcoholic prices too, it made a refreshing change from the usual bar. A great time was had by us all.

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BookablePuttshack Bank
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Puttshack Bank

Exciting night out in City of London! Puttshack Bank's top-notch tech and gaming facilities was a hit with the crew. Putted our way around the indoor mini-golf course while munching on delicious snacks. Great events and competitions organised so regularly, we almost had to pick and chose! Good vibes all round without any need for alcohol. Highly recommend to enjoy a fun and carefree evening!

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BookableBirdies Angel
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Birdies Angel

I recently visited Birdies Angel in Islington and had a blast! It was the perfect spot for a relaxed get together with friends. We had a great time playing pool, singing along to the jukebox and enjoying food and non-alcoholic drinks. There was a fantastic energy in the room; the staff were so friendly and the atmosphere was bubbly. I plan to return soon to keep the good vibes going.

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