Before we add any venue to the App, we have a set of criteria, to ensure an amazing user experience! We care about using your time on quality experiences, not just any old night out. So, here is what makes a Ping venue, firstly, it has to be UNIQUE! something that has never been done before and will blow your socks off! Secondly we have INSTAGRAMMABLE! It has to scream aesthetically pleasing, otherwise what's the point in going out if you can't get a good pic out of it?👀
Thirdly, the QUALITY should be outstanding, from the food to the entertainment, everything should be first-class 💯
Now, one of the most important things that a venue should be is EXPERIENTIAL! We want you to have an experience, whether you're just getting a coffee or a cocktail, it should be something worth looking forward to, something that makes you feel as though you are truly living. We want those mundane things to be extraordinary, because here at Ping, we understand that life can be hard, especially with Covid, so we want you all to have an EXPERIENCE! ❤️
Now, these are just a few of the things that make a Ping venue, we hope you find the perfect spot for you to celebrate life and all of its endless possibilities!
Here is a little selection of some of our fave spots..
Lots of love, Ping 😘

Article authored by Fatima

Author: Fatima

Last updated: 09/03/2022

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